Dalia Ayakkabı Loader

About Us

Dalia's journey started with the mission of making every woman feel stylish, comfortable, special and stronger in high quality and modern Dalia shoes.

Dalia started its operations in the Fatih district of Istanbul in 2000. Since then, Dalia has taken steps to grow and push the limits of the industry with handmade luxury products produced with high quality materials.

Having established its wholesale store in Beyazıt in 2008, it has put into service its customers, with its handcrafted workmanship and first-class material quality, its stylish and eye-catching collections every season.

Featuring multi-colored and different designs in its collections every season, Dalia continues to exhibit the fast fashion trend with its innovative attitude by adding models that are suitable for the current world fashion and latest trends throughout the season.

Bizi Takip Edin